Nations of Gregalion

Nations of Gregalion

About the Nations


The largest nation in the world, Gregar is also the most populous of all on Gregalion. Surviving the great Civil War, Gregar became the unanimous premier of all Her Bound Worlds. Since 1439, Gregar remains ruled by an Impericrat and his beloved Imperisriti (Impericrat Secundus; or wife of Impericrat) with the full body politic of the Commonality behind him.

Gregar contributed itself to the Empire as a whole through decisive actions such as the completion of Merchanter’s Waystation (an orbiting trade center), an ever-binding trade agreement in perpetuity with Corpratii after the war, the ratification and codification of the Impericracy, and an endless fight against slavery.

Thies Island

The second largest nation, fractionated into hundreds of islands, it is no doubt very powerful and challenging to the rise of the Impericracy during the Civil War. Thies Island is known for its principled government using island zones and centralizing all toward the heart of the nation, the capital island of Thilen. It survived the civil war by becoming a vassal to Gregar for a set number of years for reparation in the war.

Since 1439, the nation has seen itself governed by a Tribunal Receivership and its codified laws rolled back to meet the Impericracy’s standard. Generational laws were repealed by the Tribunes as is many of them under many of its olden governors. The nation serves Gregar as its servant, though not so willing.


The third largest nation, nestled underneath and toward Gregar to the East, Crythalia is known for its mountainous ranges, deep forestation, and lack of many cities. It hosts many wild animals, a small but elite Pathfinder regiment, and a few tourist cities for those visiting from abroad.

Crythalia has not known nor participated very much in the wars up to the birth of the Impericracy. While it has seen itself a bargain chip in the stakes, claims to Crythalia are few and in between. Invasions were temporary and did not leave adverse effects in its wake. This nation is pretty resilient but neutral toward any war.


Not very much is known about Farisalla. It’s discovery was found by a wayfarer in 887, attempting to scour and chart the planet by navigating the waters. During the 700s and 800’s, it was ripe with exploration and opportunities to be known for discoveries of lands beyond. Farisalla’s original name was Edenaal (phrased as Barren Eden) though it would change to Farisalla in 1055.

In 1055, Farisalla was discovered as a haven for Hashir Rorin’s 3rd Legion, the Black Creed. Further investigation confirmed that Hashir Rorin’s crashlanding occurred on that island. Since then, it was named Farisalla, or “Cursed Land of the Faricians”. A perpetual edict to “evict” its tenants were written into law in 1060 and since then, the Faricians were on borrowed time before their eviction. Talks abounded of “jettisoning all Faricians” into space for crimes against Humanity.


An industrial nation many nautical miles away from Gregar, it also cuddles with its sister nation, name not given, an agricultural one. Corpratii has contributed to Gregar and her Bound Worlds through scientific discoveries, invented and improved many of its technological advancements, and have assisted the Gregar government with its discoveries of binary applications after a brief invasion by Spartans.

Corpratii is a very vicious world, ruled by greed, passion, power, lust. Every businessman striving to be at the top must be very sharp and cutting edge to meet the fluctuating demands of Corpratii’s volatile but fickle nature. It’s present Chief Executarch, Tiber Maedricke, rules the vast network of corporate assets with many of its Executarchs under the Board of Roundtable Liaisons.

Corpratii, since 1432, remains Gregar’s valuable ally in any war effort. It also remains her loyal, steadfast trade partner in both peace and war time.

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Nations of Gregalion

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