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This is the Main Page for Gregalion: 1452 and Beyond. The Main Page is a work in progress.-

Tablet of Contents

Galactic Encyclopedia

The Grand Atlas of the Galaxy
Known and Unknown Races of the Galaxy
Known and Unknown Empires of the Galaxy
Seven Planets of the Noble Empire
Nations of Gregalion

The Government of Gregalion and Her Bound Worlds

Constitutional Accordat of the Impericracy
Guide to Working the Impericratic Political System (For Politico Characters)
A Close Look into the Hierarchy of the Impericracy
A History of the Pre-Impericracy Governments

Law and Justice

Police Command Structure
Polizet Federat
Polizet Crisis Tactical
Polizet Intelli-Services Bureau


Military Command Structure
The Freemen Army
The Freemen Air Force
Free Sea Navies of the Impericracy
Free Space Navies of the Impericracy
The Special Legions
The Star Eagles

Religions Around and Beyond the Seven Worlds

Eddai oe Nordet (Edda of the Nords)
Corra’elji avaugh kor Leima’aie (Circle of Corras)
Gehennad and the Solitude of Paradise
Arweythe and the Firewind Cosmos
Legends of the Issachari

GURPS 4/e Information

Required or Optional GURPS 4e Books and Supplements
House Rules
Player Creation Rules
Playable and Non-Playable Races
Playable Occupations


Glossary of Words, Slangs, and Terminologies
Miscellaneous Notes

Main Page

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