This contains the following information regarding campaigns within the Seven Worlds Universe. Be aware that the active campaign will be set in red colors while those that are not active are colored in black.

Do note that some campaigns can be adult-rated for the sake of portraying the authenticity of the time periods. If you are interested in continuing a campaign without adult-rated storytelling, please do let the GM know.

The Golden Age: 1452 and Beyond

This details the rise of the Noble Tyramin Empire, in which glory and honorable reputations precede many. It is also a time where turbulent quakes shake the very fabric of the Empire: the scourge of paganism and her many allies. The Gregarist Empire seeks to expand her wealth, complete a historic promise, and gain alliances for the future. Opportunities abound for the many who seek this campaign.

This will be a period where events do happen. Not every event will result in a war. Some events may trigger dynamics that may affect the Empire as a whole. As a player, it is your duty to fulfill that what is required of you, or you may secretly betray the Empire by doing exactly what you feel you should do in disregard to what others may expect of you. Occupations are many here and you can choose from a few examples here: politico, police officer, soldier, and so on. Note that all new players engaging in this campaign cannot advance beyond the rank of 2 in military and police occupations. For those who are seasoned with this RPG, they may advance two more ranks with new beginning characters.

The Civil War (1432-1439): Historical Mode

This is a linear campaign, featuring the Civil War. Sides are preset, defeats and victories are already in place. Your character may affect the Civil War but won’t permanently affect the Empire in the future. This is mainly a historical mode in which you may play but the winning and losing sides are already set to its completing finale. This campaign does not need non-combatant occupations though the GM does welcome them. The only suggestion is that non-combatant occupations may not actively affect the state of the world though it is possible.

The Civil War (1432-1439): Ahistorical Mode

This is a non-linear campaign, also featuring the Civil War. Unlike the Historical Mode, the sides are set but the ones who have declared war on Gregar may be different. It may not be Thilen who declares war; shockingly enough, it may be Corpratii itself along with a few other allies. This introduces creativity into the world with the players calling the shots from their own nation and participating in occupations that may be combative or non-combative. This will affect the state of the world, though permanency may or may not happen in regards to the 1452 campaign.

The Farician Empire: 5972FE-00FE

This following campaign details the historic rise of the Farician Empire, its victorious conquests and its untimely downfall in 00FE. Players will create characters around 200 points and can only choose occupations specific to this time period: Irregular Guardsman, Royal Guard Initiate, Slave Auxiliary, and/or Slave. For those who seek to be Generals and command the Empire’s forces, you will need to play this campaign for a while as a 200 pts. character. As your character grow, you just may make General provided your skills have improved and your exploits are greatly heard of.

This is a period where wars are brutally carried to its end and the defeated become the enslaved. This is also a period where science fiction meets Napoleonic warfare. If you are interested in participating in the Fall of the Empire, be aware that your character will be destined to die, though escape will be extremely difficult.

The Cagrienne Wars

This campaign is set in the backdrop of the Great Sector Empire, detailing a brewing war between Cagrienne, a holding of Lord Bonhomme Dreschen, and the nobility of Omurifa. This campaign features two different sides with others in the background. Players may choose to either be on Cagrienne’s or Omurifa’s side. The occupations are normally military since the Great Sector Emire thrives on its militant rule. There will be no non-combatant roles unless approved by the GM.

This campaign will be largely set on Cagrienne, in the Cagria Sector, and around the Great Sector Empire where applicable. Do note that this will happen during the timeline of 1450, two years before the Golden Age (for the Noble Tyramin Empire, of course). This campaign WILL NOT affect the state of the Noble Empire; in fact, it only tells of what the Great Sector Empire is like, how they lived, and what happened before the Warlord Princes period began. Think of this as a story linking to how the Noble Tyramin Empire grew and how the Sector Empire fell.


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